The New Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Prime: The RAV4 Made Better?

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The crossover SUV segment is the most popular nowadays. It gives you a larger alternative to a saloon car with many SUV features in a lesser price. Therefore, there’s a lot of competition in the category.

The Toyota RAV4 is the best-selling crossover SUV out there. It is a well-equipped car with Toyota’s stamp of reliability. The easily available genuine parts only add to its stock value.

The RAV4 hybrid and RAV4 prime which is a plug-in hybrid, take the magic up a notch and here are their features:

Engine and Performance

Starting off with the powertrain, the RAV4 hybrid has a 2.5-liter engine. This is mated to a pair of electric motors. These components feed the AWD system with 219hp using a CVT setup. Meanwhile, the RAV4 Prime has been blessed with more than 300hp.

The performance figures make these two quicker than their gasoline cousin. The RAV4 hybrid can go from 0 to 60mph in around 7 seconds. While the more powerful Prime can do the task in less than 6 seconds. This is around 2 seconds quicker than the standard car.

Still, it is only decent in the cornering and handling department. It is an SUV after all. You do get a good driving position though.

Interior and Technology

The hybrid RAV4 models retain the standard car’s graceful looking interior. While there are many plastic components, you won’t feel most of them because of the padding. You can upgrade to a more luxurious interior as you move up the trims.

The base hybrid model still gets a bit of slack for not being loaded with features. The setup also features many of the same technologies as the normal RAV4. For instance, you get the dual-zone climate control as standard.

This is not available in the gasoline model’s base variant. You can add gizmos like ambient lighting, heated seats and mirrors, and a moonroof as you move up the trims. For more, check out the options list.

There is a 7-inch touchscreen connected to a 6-speaker sound system. The touchscreen also works with all sorts of integrations from Apple, Android, Amazon and more. You can add another inch or two to the touchscreen and an 11-speaker JBL system.

The interior space is great as there is plenty of headroom and legroom for all passengers. So is the boot space and it also features a moving floor to accommodate the cargo better.

Fuel Economy and Safety

This is where the hybrids really shine. The regular RAV4 is no slouch in this matter with its 27/35 fuel rating. But the hybrid version is a different animal and can do up to 41mpg city and 38, highway.

The plug-in RAV4 Prime goes a step ahead and it will give you up to 42 miles of just electric driving. The charging times can vary from 2.5hrs to 12hrs depending on your charging device.

For safety, the hybrids come with the same features as the standard car. Automatic emergency braking, lane depart assist and some other quirks come as standard.

Reliability and Warranty

As expected, the hybrid RAV4 is a reliable vehicle just like most of Toyota’s offerings. It is also spectacular when you look at its build quality. There are no recalls for the vehicle as well. Should you maintain the RAV4 well, it will serve you for hundreds of thousands of miles without a major overhaul.

These factors are also backed up by the warranty. The one for the standard RAV4 is certainly not the best one in the industry. However, the hybrid RAV4 is given coverage for 8 years or 100,000 miles. The battery is covered for 10 years or 150,000 miles whichever is reached first.

Make sure to use only genuine Toyota parts during component replacement.