Salvageable Parts of a Junk Car

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Your car has reached the end of its serviceable life, and it’s time to move on to a new car that will be your company for the next several years. But don’t just toss your junk car to the yard just yet. Although you can sell it for cash, you can actually salvage some parts that you can use or sell. If you are handy with car repairs and such, you can pick your own car parts. Otherwise, you can do it in the yard and let the people in the junkyard take them out for you. Here are some of the components that might still be useful to you.


If the engine is still in good condition, some car owners can still make use of it. Some prefer used engines instead of brand-new ones because they are cheaper. Some companies buy used engines and remanufacture them. What they do is replace broken or worn out parts and sell it as a more inexpensive alternative to brand new engines.

But if your old car’s engine is no longer in running condition, you can still salvage aluminum parts. Aluminum is much more valuable than steel, and you can find a buyer for it easily.

AC compressor

If the air conditioner still works, you can take out the compressor and sell it. It can be remanufactured and reused so that other car owners can enjoy the coolness of their car’s AC without having to spend a lot of money. You can also take the condenser and sell it to repair shops.

Starter and alternator

These car parts have copper wiring. Scrapyards and auto recyclers will gladly buy them from you to use in the cars that they are restoring.


The radiator has a good amount of aluminum, and already knowing that it is more valuable than steel, you can ear good cash with your car’s radiator. When taking out the radiator, it is advisable to drain the coolant first and make sure to dispose of it the right way.

Tires and wheels

As long as the tires are not yet worn out, and the treads are still good, you can sell the tires and wheels as a set to someone whose car uses the same set.


If your car’s built-in GPS still has working components, you can sell it to a secondary market. You can also look for a buyer whose car has the same system and needs some parts from your GPS device, such as the touch screen.


When an airbag is deployed during an accident, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Now, if your car’s airbags are unused, you can sell them for good cash. There are car owners that are looking for replacement airbags that do not cost as much as brand new ones.

Bumper and fender

If your car’s bumper and fender are still in pristine condition, you can sell them to car restorers or recyclers. They are good replacement parts for the same make and model of car.