Ideal Family Car: How to Choose

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If for trips alone you can choose almost any car, family trips require a little more attention to the details. The thing is that a family car imposes completely different requirements.

Used car experts from Indy Auto Man named Volkswagen Golf, Honda Odyssey, Volvo XC60 as good vehicles for a family, check the whole review on But every driver has a picture of an ideal family car, and if there is no one-fit-all answer, how to pick the best vehicle? If you buy the car online, will you travel to drive it home or will you have the vehicle shipped home?

Features Each Family Car Should Possess

If you want to buy the best car for the family, you should decide on the following parameters:

Budget. The first thing most US drivers think about when choosing a suitable car is the price. But regardless of your financial capabilities, you should not focus on cheap options. The most budget car may not meet the expectations and needs of the whole family. If you are tight on money, it is better to consider financing offers from different car dealerships. It is also a good idea to calculate your possible monthly payment online.

Safety. The decisive factor here is the high score in crash tests and the degree of passive safety: the presence of at least 6 Airbags, ABS, and ESP systems.

Comfort and reliability. The car should have a spacious interior with comfortable seats. The head should not touch the top, and the knees should rest against the front seats. Look for a convenient dashboard layout where the driver can easily select the desired function without distracting from the road. Climate control will guarantee optimal temperature for all passengers.

Spaciousness. For a family car, a large trunk will not be superfluous. It will allow you to carry possession of all family members even on long trips.

Economy. A family vehicle should not require considerable sums of money every month. It’s not just about fuel consumption but also car maintenance and repairs.

What Is the Body Type to Buy for a Family?

If you consider compliance with the above criteria, you can distinguish several models that correspond to them at once on several points. Such cars are most often referred to SUVs, station wagons, hatchbacks, and minivans. Models of this type, as a rule, dominate different rankings of the best family cars because they have a large trunk, are roomy, and are most often comfortable. Each body type has its pros and cons.

Sedans offer two separate zones for passengers and luggage. They are comfortable and can boast of a high level of safety. At the same time, such cars do not provide the opportunity to transport bulky goods and rarely allow the transformation of the cabin. That is why they are rarely named among the best family cars. However, a sedan can also be a perfect option for a family of two or three.

Hatchbacks are better than others as family cars – they are economical, maneuverable, and have a roomy trunk. The main shortcoming of this body type are:

no partition between the trunk and the passenger compartment; insufficient visibility through the rear window when the luggage compartment is loaded;

lack of space to accommodate a large family.

Station wagons are also popular among those who want a family car. These are stable, roomy cars with the possibility of transforming the interior and a large luggage compartment. The most significant minus of station wagons is the same as that of hatchbacks: the lack of a partition between the passenger compartment and the trunk. The smell and noise get into the passenger seating area.

Minivans are a combination of a roomy interior, large trunk, excellent visibility, and high potential for cargo transportation. But the large size of the car reduces maneuverability.

SUVs and crossovers attract with high cross-country ability and spaciousness. These are safe and practical vehicles, but you should be prepared for high fuel consumption, expensive maintenance, and not the best maneuverability.

Regardless of the body type and other parameters, reliability is the most important criterion for a family car. You should not buy a vehicle if you are not sure of the quality of its parts and the possibility of their quick replacement or repair. If you choose a used vehicle, address only a reputed car seller and take the car for a test drive with your family members before buying.