How to Choose Stainless Steel Tables?

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In the gastronomical industry, the selection of furniture is particularly significant due to the sanitary standards and the specifics of work. Are you wondering what to pay attention to when choosing the equipment for your restaurant’s kitchen? Here are some tips you may consider helpful.

High humidity, dynamically changing temperatures, heat – the conditions in the professional kitchen can be challenging. Due to extensive usage, it has to be cleaned and disinfected every day in order to remove all the microbes and prepare the surfaces for the next day. Thus, the furniture used in this kind of kitchens should withstand these extreme conditions.

Stainless steel – why is it worth choosing?

Most of the materials used in furniture, such as wood or synthetics, are not resistant to continuous humidity and high temperatures. That’s why the owners of restaurants and other representatives of the gastronomical industry tend to choose steel instead.

Stainless steel doesn’t get rusted and doesn’t melt under the influence of high temperatures, which’s a common problem with plastic. At the same time, it doesn’t get rotten as the wood does. You can clean the stainless steel very often without the negative influence on its structure. Even if you use strong detergents, this material won’t be affected.

Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless steel tables – what to pay attention to when choosing them?

Are you wondering which features to have in mind when selecting stainless steel prep table or stainless-steel work bench? Here are some tips:

#1 Lightness

The professional kitchens are subject to rearranging quite often. It’s worth choosing furniture that is light and easy to move around.

#2 Safety

Avoid furniture with sharp corners and uncut edges. The toughness of steel combined with the sharpness can result in dangerous situations, like serious cuts.

#3 Waste opening

In the case of catering stainless steel worktable, this inconspicuous element can be very significant.

#4 A shelf

Another element that may come in handy for the people that work in the kitchen or catering. The shelf can serve for storing some accessories to clean or ingredients.

#5 Wheels

In some cases, the wheels turn out to be really useful. They can serve for moving the table around – it’s useful for example in the case of room service, but not only.

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