How to celebrate your dog’s birthday

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There are so many ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday, and that is what we are going to discuss. Dog lovers all around the planet celebrate their dog’s birthday as they should. Dog’s that are really loved and celebrated are like members of the family. And what better way to celebrate this member of the family, than to take a great, loved photo and commission a painting. Paint your life is the best and will take that photo and paint it into a one-of-a-kind original, masterpiece of your dog. Celebrate your dog’s birthday by getting them a doggy birthday cake with candles and snap a cute photo to then be painted, as a celebration of your dog’s life.

Dog’s love to go for rides in the car so take your pup on a long drive around town. Another good opportunity to take photos. You can stop and park for play time at the dog park, or even the beach for a long barefoot walk in the sand so you both can enjoy it. That is another great opportunity for pictures of your dog and or pictures with your dog. After that, especially on his or her birthday a real nice treat is a ride thru the starbucks drive thru. A starbucks pupachino will have your furry friend happier than ever!


A really fantastic way to celebrate your dog is the doggie spa and hotel. They actually have doggie hotels and spas. Where your pal can max and relax with a shampoo and haircut and a blow dry, while getting their nails done. The doggie hotels usually have private rooms and televisions with animal planet or perhaps the food channel playing. You can schedule play times for them and walks.

Toys are always a great gift as are treats. What dog does not love to get gifts? Every doggie love to receive gifts, especially toys and treats. Whether it be squeaky toys or a stuffed animal or some kind of treats. Maybe some bacon and or sausage treats, they love bacon and sausage treats. New bones are always a big hit with the puppies. How about an outfit for warth on cold winter days and evenings? Dogwear is not only for cute effects, it will protect them from the cold weather and make them feel not both warm and safe! New pillows and beds are a big hit as well. Along with new designed, beautiful dog houses for inside the home. Now they make everything, even dog cabanas for your special pet. All these things make some fantastic opportunities to celebrate your pet’s birthday and their life. A hand painted portrait of your dog to celebrate will last a lifetime. And it also gives you something very special and different, in celebration both now and when you have to say goodbye, one day.

Dog portraits are so just for lack of a better way to say it, so freaking special and awesome. They are one of a kind, originals and will last for generations as keepsakes for the family. Dogs are man’s best friend, and they love their humans unconditionally. So, it only makes sense that a gorgeous one-of-a-kind portrait painted by the artist of your choice would be appropriate. Celebrate your dog’s life the best way possible. With a gift for you and them that never stops giving. People put their dog’s in everything, even some are in weddings they are loved so much and celebrated by the owners. That would make a fabulous painting of your pooch in the wedding, wearing a tux or doggie bow tie to celebrate and would be a beautiful painting.