How Does the Confectionery Oven Differ from the Ordinary One?

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With cooking, there is always some room for improvisation. Switching the equipment, experimenting with quantities – the risk of failing is definitely lower if only you have some skills, time, and a little bit of flexibility. With baking, things are different. Not sticking to the measurements and temperature scope can result in a complete failure. In confectionery, the precision and well-adjusted equipment matter as much as the quality of the ingredients. Thus, the professional oven is an inevitable investment at some point.

The ovens designed for typical home use are versatile, but they don’t provide the same level of precision in adjustments as the confectionery ones. Also, the bakery oven can usually fit way more products at the same time, which results in increased efficiency. However, they’re used not only in bakeries, patisseries, and similar commercial objects. You can also place them in your home kitchen if only the capacities of the space allow for it. For passionate confectioners – even if it’s only a hobby or a small-scale YouTube channel – the switch in equipment will make a huge difference.

The properties of a bakery oven

What distinguishes a confectionery oven from an ordinary one?

  • the temperature scope (it can reach even 500 degrees Celsius!)
  • the precision of adjustments (you can precisely choose the temperature instead of relying on approximate values)
  • the interior and heaters made from stainless steel
  • many compartments that enable baking multiple products at the same time
  • big, double-glass door to provide maximum visibility (this way, you can control the state of the confections without opening the oven, which can stop the cake from growing)

 Note that the set of features we present below are generalized – the producers offer a broad scope of ovens with different facilities.

What to pay attention to when choosing a confectionery oven?

One of the most important aspects is the size. The number of shelves and the general capacity of the oven can influence the overall efficiency of your baking which is particularly important in commercial objects. Remember to check the levels of energy consumption of the particular oven and check its components.

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