Effective Demucking System from MobyDick

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It is normal to see soils on wheels. However, it cannot be ignored. The soils should be removed and cleaned. For regular vehicles, it will not be too difficult. However, it will not be easy on trucks and other heavy or big vehicles. These commonly can be found in construction sites and even military area. The wheels or rails can be full of soils, and these should be cleaned well so the vehicles look good, and it will be easy for maintenance. In this case, MobyDick provides demucking system that will be needed for construction and military vehicles.

Cleaning Wheels Effectively


Cleaning and removing soils and other things on the wheels and rails can be done manually. However, it takes time, and it will not be effective. That is why MobyDick provides the demucking system that utilizes better system to clean the wheels perfectly. The demucking system utilizes water sprays in its process. It is not just regular water spray. The system is designed with various water nozzles and its power of water spray is calculated well so the soils and stones can be removed easily. Of course, the process runs automatically so it does not need many people to do the jobs. The vehicles only need to enter the demucking area, and water will clean the wheels.

Great Results with Less Power Consumption

Water is sprayed to clean the wheels. It means that it will require enough power or pressure to spray the water. When its power is low, it will not be able to clean the wheels and remove the soils. However, it will require high energy consumption when the power of water output is too big. In this case, MobyDick can manage the system that can clean the wheels or rails well without consuming much energy. It is because water pressure and volume is combined. Then, its nozzle positions and designs are prepared. Thus, cost for electricity will not be too burdening.